Talent Strategy

Talent is the strategic resource for the survival and development of the enterprise. We always uphold the idea of "people-oriented" and actively create respect, understanding, honesty and friendly atmosphere, respect people's knowledge and talent, establish and improve multi-channel and diversified talent introduction , Selection, development mechanism for talent to provide a growth platform for talent to become a strong support for the sustainable development of enterprises and enterprises to achieve common growth and common development.

team of genius

To quality, ability and performance-oriented, focusing on three teams around the building: the construction of high-quality management team of cadres, professional and technical personnel and reserve personnel.

talent development

Education is the basis of people. According to different types of different levels of personnel characteristics, and constantly improve and innovate personnel training mechanism, the theoretical training and practical training, domestic training and overseas training, short-term training and vocational education and other organic combination, the establishment of wide coverage, multi-level, open Personnel training system, and gradually establish a corporate environment in line with the Group of personnel training new model.